So nurturing & dynamic!

Kim Girls Our daughters Erica, Veronica, and Sabrina were fortunate to have found Professional Arts Academy last September 2010, since now it has become their place of complete joy, comfort, and growth.   For our youngest daughter, this was her first exposure to the world of performing arts.  In such a short time, she was transformed into quite a performer and ballerina.  More than anything, she was coming home with a greater confidence and an amazing dancer's vocabulary!  For our two older daughters, their experiences at Professional Arts have helped them to identify themselves as performers.  Therefore, dancing, acting, and singing have become such an integral part of their lives. You cannot live a day at the Kim's resident without hearing them sing, express, and dance! We are so thankful for Ms. Maureen and her professional staff because they have truly taught our daughers that in life, you don't just reach for the stars...You reach for the galaxies to watch yourselves shine!  Thank you for being so nurturing and dynamic!  We are honored to be a part of the Professional Arts family and are looking forward to another successful and productive year. (Jane & Eric Kim--daughters Erica, Veronica, and Sabrina)

We're part of the ProArts family...

molina Being a recent newcomer to Edgewater, we immediately met Miss Maureen who welcomed us into her world, we were so excited when she opened ProArts Academy in September 2010 as we now had a real Studio for our children to learn the art of dance.  My daughter (Taylor) 9 took two classes this past year and my son (Alex) took one and it was an unbelievable experience.  There are lots of trials and tribulations with opening a new business and Miss Maureen and ProArts just went with the bumps and magically ironed it all out.  I was so thrilled for my children to be a part of Miss Maureen's dream.  The recital at the end of the year was just amazing, we have become a family at ProArts and I was just as proud to see my children dance as I was to see all of the other children.  The costumes were amazing and so was the music and the choreography.    Miss Maureen and ProArts went above and beyond in meeting everyones expectations.  I am more than thrilled that my children have made such amazing progress and now they can't wait for the 2011-2012 year to begin.  Wishing Miss Maureen and ProArts congratulations on their amazing first year in Edgewater and we look forward to being a part of your family for years to come.  

~Laurie Molina  (Taylor-daughter, Alex - son)

My kids' biggest fans!

sabrina & ali "We feel so lucky to have found Miss Maureen & her wonderful school.  My daughter started dancing with Miss Maureen when she was 4 years old.  After a negative experience with another teacher, it was such a blessing for her to get the chance to discover her love of dance again.  Miss Maureen has an uncanny ability to tap right into a child's heart with her joyful & loving nature.  Now that my daughter is dancing in several classes at Professional Arts Academy, she has had an opportunity to learn from an amazing staff of encouraging & inspiring teachers.  Professional Arts Academy is a place I know she will continue to grow as a dancer & as a person.  Even my 3 year old son has discovered his love of dance with Miss Maureen, and his little boys class has been really fun for us too.  Thank you Pro Arts for giving me a chance to be my kids biggest fans (& yours too)!"  

~Adra Lemos  (daughter-Ali, son-Joey)